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Spiffy, Inc.

Spiffy is making life easier for managers of fleets of vehicles and for consumers to keep their cars looking good and operating properly, which drives safety, fleet performance, and vehicle resale value. To support their operations, Spiffy is leveraging a sophisticated logistics platform to get technicians, supplies, and equipment to fleets on an as needed basis for cleaning/deodorizing and preventive maintenance.

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Cohesity, Inc.

Cohesity is bringing smartphone-like simplicity to data management. Cohesity is a market leader in broad-based secondary data software solutions for storage, backup, recovery, security and analysis. Cohesity’s web-based Software-as-a-Service enables companies to consolidate data silos onto a single platform. This structure uniquely empowers organizations to run applications on that platform; thus making it easier than ever to back up and extract analytical insights from data.

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Upskill, Inc.

Upskill’s enterprise augmented reality software platform is literally “upskilling” the world’s workforces by connecting people to the data that drives their work, in real time. Upskill uses wearable technology, such as smart glasses, to do for industrial workers what smart phones did for knowledge workers. Upskill’s customers, including Boeing, GE, Coca-Cola, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Shell (to name a few) are quickly reporting quantum 20-50% improvements in productivity, defect-reduction, and capacity utilization.

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