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Membership Includes

Exclusive access to PAN-syndicated* investments in PAN-worthy companies

  • Randy & Scott’s own money in every deal
  • Clear explanations of our investment rationale and candid assessment of risks
  • No requirement that you invest in any deal – you have control
  • Low minimum investment: $5,000
  • No management fees, commissions or loads (there is a one-time reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs of no more than 1% of the invested amount)
  • PAN* gets paid only when you win, 20% of the profits after you get all your capital back

Regular electronic updates – at least quarterly and whenever something remarkable occurs – with our candid assessments of companies’ progress, challenges, and implications for investors

Periodic conference calls to provide updates and respond to any questions

Advance notice about deals in our pipeline

Full access to our website, including:

  • Interviews with CEO’s
  • Convenient access to get the latest info on new and existing investments
  • Ability to question, weigh in and see what fellow members are saying about our deals
  • PANmarkable – Our blog of remarkable insights about emerging businesses and private investing
  • In-person events with CEO’s, fellow members, and guest speakers

*PAN investments are made by pooled investment vehicles that are separate series of PAN Investments Master Series, LLC the sole member of which is PAN Investments Management Group, LLC which is owned by Randy and Scott.